The Kiltie Band of York

Ed Fleming

​​​​​​​The Kiltie Band of York Pipe Majors

The Kiltie Band of York PA

The position of pipe major is one of the most important positions in the Kiltie Band. The pipe major is responsible for choosing the tunes to be learned.  In addition, he/she conducts band practices and determines the tunes to be played in parades and performances. The pipe major is chosen by the members of the band as a recognition of that individual’s playing and leadership abilities. Listed below are the pipe majors who have served the band since its founding. Note: some of the dates are approximate and we do not have photos of some of the pipe majors.

Anyone having a photo or a more accurate date should contact band historian Rob Bissey 
-Christine McEachern -2016


-Al Reist (pro-temp)-2015-2016

-Donna Singley-2007-2015

-Ed Fleming 2007

-Beth Morgan 2005-07

-Jim Britcher 1993-2005

-Bob Davidson 1988-93

-Don Crawford  late 60’s to 1988

-Richard Wagner early to middle sixties PM about two years

“-Blackie” Wales

-Richard Yost-PM and founding member 1928 to early sixtiesThe Kiltie Band of York PA